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Organizational Studies

Nonprofit organizations are key players in health and social service delivery in the United States. Not only do they supply programs and services to many of the neediest people in the U.S., but many of these nonprofits also advocate and press for public policy changes to improve program access and funding. But to be effective service providers, particularly in the currently strained economic and budgetary environment, nonprofits must navigate a host of internal and external challenges. Indeed, they must effectively promote and maintain their financial health and be able to adapt and respond to changing government and community service priorities. And while the study of nonprofit providers and their relationship with government has grown in recent years, many key public policy and service delivery questions remain.

The KDHRC program on Organizational Studies focuses on addressing the major public policy questions in the delivery of health and social services by nonprofit organizations. The newest of the four KDHRC program areas, Organizational Studies brings to bear the expertise of KDHRC to provide public policy makers and nonprofit practitioners with timely information to make nonprofit service providers run effectively.

Current Initiatives

Nonprofit Health Organizations and Social Marketing

KDHRC is studying the relationship between the use of social marketing by nonprofit providers and its impact on their financial health and programmatic effectiveness. Read More

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