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Project PENCIL:
Protecting the Educational Needs of Chronically Ill Learners

The Cochlear Implant University:
Supporting high school and college students with cochlear implants as they transition to higher education

Dientes Fuertes, Vida Sana:
Preventing early childhood tooth decay in low-income Latino children

Toda Promotora Clearinghouse:
Building nonprofit capacity to use promotora programs            

En Familia:
Improving health literacy and delivering health education to Latino families
Preventing prescription drug diversion and abuse in schools

Attitude Boost:
Improving attitudes toward science

Proper use of prescription drugs

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KDHRC is committed to the timely dissemination of new research in the public health and social service fields. Our publications include research briefs and working papers.

Assessing a program to improve teachers' ability to effectively implement educational accommodations for chronically ill learners: Lessons from Project PENCIL

Louise C. Palmer, Rosa M. Steen, Eric C. Twombly, & Kristen D. Holtz,  KDH Research & Communication
October 2014: Number 11
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October 2014

KDHRC publishes research brief about improving
K-5 teachers' ability to help students with chronic illness in their classrooms 

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KDHRC seeks creative, highly skilled, and motivated people to join our multidisciplinary team that work to make a positive difference in the lives of children, families, and communities.

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